5 Great Ways Employees Can Save

With thousands of exclusive discounts at any time, there’s a discount for everyone. Employees can easily collect their discounts and save money.

Here are just 5 simple ways for them to do this:

Online Discounts

Everyone is familiar with these (2 for 1, 20% off, etc.) – you receive your  exclusive discount at the checkout through our site technology.


Cashback is exactly as it sounds. You receive a percentage back on your purchase in real money! All processed through your account and sent directly to your bank.

Re-loadable Discount Gift Cards

These work like normal gift cards – only you can spend them on yourself! You load them with credit – at a discount that we’ve negotiated – and spend them like cash.

Location-specific Deals

These are discounts on the go! Whether you’re shopping locally, on holiday, or visiting friends – use our Money Saving Card to save £££’s! 

Alpha Rewards Work Popular Discounts

These are just some of the discounts our customers and their employees love and use every day!