Recognition and Rewards – if done well, this is the secret to fully-engaged employees.

Employee rewards and recognition are key HR tools that help you to acknowledge, encourage and reinforce the importance of high-quality performance for your staff and their peers.

If done well, this positive reinforcement mechanism will help your staff feel valued and increase their motivation to excel, whilst creating a more cohesive and committed work environment.

For a platform to work effectively, it needs to be employee-focussed, rather than manager-led to avoid the sense of favouritism. It will require sufficient detail to enable the software to work best, allowing it to record user behaviour and behave accordingly. It should also be accessible 24/7 to allow optimum user access and therefore software efficiency.

The Alpha Rewards software does all of this and more – it is a fun and engaging way for employees to feel rewarded for their positive performance and to allow their accomplishments to be communicated to them and their colleagues instantaneously.

There is also the added benefit of appropriate reward levels being delivered on a timely basis and easily fulfilled through the automatic connection to our online gift card shop.